RCK Charity is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit public benefit corporation. The specific purposes for which it was organized includes (but not limited to): providing relief to the poor, distressed, elderly, and underprivileged; assistance in the form of food, clothing, and miscellaneous help such as gas, car repairs, and emergency rental and utility assistance. Additionally, where the board sees fit, recognition for deeds that go well beyond the normal call of duty.


Our Humble Beginnings

Brian Davis just wanted to get off the couch and play some flag football during the summer of 2015. He reached out via Facebook and viola, over 60 men showed up the following weekend. The games were competitive and everyone’s spirits were uplifted (and we’d all swear more than 100 lbs of sweat was left on the field).




As things were winding down from the games, it was suggested to Brian of envision hosting a “Turkey Bowl Fundraiser” with the intent of taking care of needy families in our community. Brian shared that vision with the group and the support was over-whelming positive.

Planning ensued. Brian Davis, Beth Godwin, Patrick and Denay O’Neill, Jim and Christal Becker, and Tabitha Rosell joined in, rallying the community for this first time event.

Through Renuion’s Facebook Frugal Family site and the Man Page – the word got out to over 8,000 combined site members – and donations from local community members started pouring in.


On the morning of the event, Thanksgiving 2015, temperatures halted in the single digits and a storm front was moving in. The conditions for a “great” turnout were questionable at best, yet despite the weather, over 30 men, women, and children registered and played – and many more stopped by. We are proud to report no one was injured or froze solid during the game.

Food, Clothing, Canned Goods, and Beverages were donated and sold in support of the fundraiser.

Reunion residents nominated three families for us to support. Over $800 was raised in addition to two companies partnering up to provide holiday meals (Harper Floor and Illuminations 24-7) and fundraising web services (MERCY Begins Here).

Everyone involved was humbly amazed.

The following month, a Reunion resident was secretly conducting a micro-fundraiser. Brian learned about it, and spearheaded the team into action. In less than 48 hours of fundraising, our community again responded and exceed expectations.

Collectively, we recognized a need that was not being met by other programs in our area, and these new friends formed the RCK Charity, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Brian Davis was elected President, Monica Parah – Vice President, Catherine Myer – Secretary, Patrick O’Neill– Treasurer, and Kimberly Joyce – Member at-Large.

Founding Members also include: Beth Godwin, Sammy Parah, Ray Myer, Denay O’Neill, Jim and Christal Becker, Brian Joyce, Matt Rosell, Angela Higgins, Londa Briggs, and Tabitha Rosell.

Many thanks to Danielle Billiet of Simply Sweet Photographer for the cover and Founding member photos.