Life happens, and at times, the changes are unpredictable and can have a negative effect on finances where one might find themselves in need of assistance. And while these events may be beyond our control, they can lead to financial difficulty.

RCK Charity understands that each situation is different and that there is no “one” model that solves all problems. However, we have compiled some common resources that you may or may not qualify for depending on your situation.

In addition, these organizations (below) provide direct assistance or put you in contact with other local providers in your location or close to it that may be able to assist you in your time of need.

Utility Bills

  • Most utility companies will work with you and provide you the opportunity to complete a promissory note (indicating you will pay the full bill by a certain time) – RCK Charity will require evidence of such a note before Utility Assistance is provided.
  • United Power’s Operation Round-Up Foundation supports people in a variety of situations and they help families pay for more than just utility bills. They have helped people make car repairs so they could get to work, help with hospital bills, and help with food or other items. You do have to be a United Power member to qualify for assistance. All of the funds come from United Power members who Round-Up their monthly electric bill.

Medical & Health Assistance

Local Food, Mortgage, and Rental Help

  • Stuart Middle School Food Pantry (point of contact Debbie Salzer) – 303-941-8154
    15955 E 101st Way, Commerce City, CO 80022
    Hours are Tuesday from 9-12 and Thursday from 12-3 (by apt only!)
  • Catholic Charities – 303-287-1127
    6621 E. 72nd Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022
  • Growing Home – (303) 426-0430
    3489 W 72nd Ave #110, Westminster, CO 80030


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